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Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding is an extremely versatile process that produces a hollow product of all shapes and sizes. Rotational molding is an ideal process for large and small, complex and simple, and high or low volume type products. Commonly rotationally molded products include liquid storage tanks, barrels, kayaks, garbage containers, traffic barriers, shipping containers, pallets, trays, machinery parts and covers, and much more.
Rotational Molding
  3 Step Process  

Rotational Molding is a three stage process which consists of:


1. Loading material into the mold


2. Mold is rotated bi-axially in a heated



3. Cooling and part removal

A few of the Benefits of Rotational Molding include:


Variety of Shapes and Sizes can be molded


Complex parts made easy


Tooling cost within your budget


Lighter and durable than most metals


Uniform wall thickness


Molded-in inserts


Molded-in graphics


Double-wall molding


Variety of mold surface textures


Short lead time


Large and small runs


Stress free-parts


Will not rust or corrode

Additional Services offered by E-Z Rotational Molder

In House Mold Repair


Fixture Building Repair


Leak & Pressure Testing


Help with Part Design


Prototype Runs







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